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Transforming Communities

Invitation into the LIFT leadership development program changes lives. Children, who worked instead of attending school and made due with less than three meals a day, experience profound life changes when they enter the LIFT residential learning community.

Many report changes in status for the entire family and village due to their participation in LIFT. Early graduates give back to their own villages and support others less fortunate than themselves.

Children Helping Children

LIFT students currently support a community for children with HIVAids. Sharing time, talent and treasure, they visit and play with children that are often shunned by others. LIFT students raise money from their limited means to donate to the orphanage.

Children Helping Villages

Tapping into the cultural wisdom of South India, LIFT honors and carries on the tradition of local folk arts to foster leadership skills and opportunities. LIFT students raise awareness of important local social issues through story, dance, and drama. Last year they presented 21 cultural programs to over 13,000 people. These performances not only provide wonderful entertainment, but also teach local communities ways to address environmental, public health, and human rights issues.


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