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LIFT Alumni Succeed

More than 25 LIFT students have completed the program through the college level, and some have master’s degree. LIFT alumni work in the fields of education, engineering, computer applications, nursing, business and for companies such as Caterpillar, Honeywell, and Tata Consulting.

Each LIFT graduate has their own, wonderful journey of success. The following stories are just two examples of how a LIFT education transforms life for an entire family.

Recent LIFT graduate, Ambika, was quickly employed as an engineer upon completion of her college studies. Ambika’s father died several years ago, and due to her education and employment she can help with her younger sister’s education and care for her mother. She has married even though her family could not afford to fund a dowery, a custom still widely practiced in India.  When Amika’s first employer could not grant her request for a transfer to Chennai to be closer to her fiancé, she quickly interviewed for a new job and doubled her salary! This kind of mobility and opportunity is made possible through the education she received with LIFT. Ambika’s confidence, tenacity, and intelligence make her an inspiring role model for the young girls that follow her through LIFT.

Arther, another graduate, leads LIFT 2.0, a group of LIFT graduates who find the time and resources to give back to the program that gave so much to them. Arther entered LIFT in the 6th grade and is the first student to complete both an undergraduate degree (in mathematics) and graduate degree (in computer applications). Arther’s first job was with the Chicago based consulting company Thoughworks. When Arther was recruited by his current company Stayzilla, Thoughtworks paid him the compliment of offering an open invitation to return if and when he wished.  Arther grew up in a one-room house, but has recently completed building a new, modern home for his family in his home village of Pettai. Arther has also supported his brother’s education, allowing him to complete a degree in business. Not only is Arther transforming life for his entire family, but he regularly visits LIFT to mentor students and assist with site improvements.

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