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LIFT Students Give Back

LIFT students use their gifts and talents to help others and improve their communities. During the 2014- 2015 academic year, LIFT students performed over 20 cultural programs in local villages. Through dance, drama and song, the LIFT students raise awareness of important social issues such as education for women and girls, environmental conservation, and the eradication child labor. Over 13,000 people have attended these powerful programs. LIFT students also currently support a community for children with HIV/Aids. Sharing time, talent and treasure, they visit and play with children that are often shunned by others. LIFT students raise money from their limited means to donate to the orphanage.

Two alumni in particular have also exemplified LIFT’s message of social responsibility:

  • This past year, LIFT alum, Arun, returned to India from London where he worked temporarily for Tata Consultancy Services. Upon return, Arun generously donated 50,000 Rupees (more than $700) to LIFT – enough to cover one year of tuition for a current college student. Like several other graduates, Arun, exemplifies LIFT’s mission. Not only has he embarked on a successful career, but he is sustaining the LIFT program and raising another child out of poverty through education.
  • Grace recently completed a master’s degree in English. She is the 5th LIFT student to complete a post graduate degree. Grace is dedicating her first year post college to LIFT. She is staying on to work as a tutor and mentor to the younger students. Grace will also be perusing a certificate in counseling so that she may offer another level of support to the children, many of whom have experienced trauma.
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